IT SUPPORT- Repair Computer and Phone

Welcome to the realm of computer and phone repair—a domain where technical proficiency meets customer care. Whether it’s a shattered phone screen rendering your communication hub unusable or a sluggish computer hindering your productivity, the wizards of repair work diligently to restore functionality and peace of mind.

We help you...

Quickly Repair Phone

We provide fast repairs for problems such as water ingress, broken screen, and low battery power

Quickly Check and Repair Computer

We quickly run tests on laptops or desktops. System repair, hardware upgrade and repair.

Electronic Product Repair

If you have problems with your electronic equipment, you can come to us for inspection and repair.

About Us

OK TECH was established in Brisbane, Australia, with a background of nearly 10 years. The professional teawe also have many years of experience in hardware maintenance, helping you solve the maintenance of desktop computers, notebooks, tablets and mobile phones.


In a world where our lives are increasingly connected to technology, the need for reliable computer and phone repair services has never been more important. Our technical experts have years of repair experience, and that’s where skilled technicians step in, with the expertise to diagnose and resolve the issues that disrupt our digital lives.


Our vision is to become the provider of the best and unique IT services。

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